Our Mission

At Jordan Payton Marketing Inc, our mission is to create greater brand recognition for our clients by using an unrivaled marketing, distribution, and sales approach that targets the largest consumer base possible.

Never has this industry seen the growth potential that our company has to offer and continues to achieve on a daily basis. A winning team that concentrates on providing above average results for our clients and customers. 

  • Product placement
  • New Product test marketing
  • Product strategy


Success & Opportunity

Setting the standard in standard in promotional test marketing, distribution, and sales.

Jordan Payton Marketing Inc. is a Promotional Marketing and Distribution Company. We do promotional marketing, sales, and distribution on consumer products for our clients. We work directly with our customers in a face to face environment. 

Promotional Marketing, Sales & Distribution

JPM Inc. a leader in innovative marketing solutions has risen to the challenge to create the most effective promotional marketing and sales concepts. We stand behind it with the largest variety or consumer products offered by any company in this industry. 

Major Sport teams and widely known brand names are just the tip of the iceberg.