For decade's consumer product companies have been using some form of marketing or advertising to market their products, services, and concepts to potential buyers. Whether it's T.V., radio, newspaper, or internet it's all effective to a certain degree.​​

Our Business 

Jordan Payton Marketing Inc. offers an alternative to these techniques, a direct marketing method that puts the product and the consumer directly together. 

We are very effective with our promotions due to our hands on techniques.

Jordan Payton Marketing is a promotional marketing and distribution company. We specialize in promotional marketing, sales, and distribution on consumer products for our clients. We work with our customers in a face to face professional environment.

The face to face professional environment is the best customer service that can be offered.

We opened our doors with a marketing team that quickly expanded into an unstoppable force that has allowed us to double in size. Jordan Payton Marketing Inc. used its initial success to quickly grow a strong client portfolio and the company is now looking to handle more of the southern market.

Our Purpose

Sports memorabilia, collectibles, and major brand names are just a few of the clients that benefit from our cutting edge promotional marketing techniques and professional service. 

Our purpose is to create greater brand name loyalty, recognition, and financial success for these companies.

Jordan Payton Marketing believe that good business philosophy guarantees we are able to offer a diversity of career

opportunities and growth potential to realize all career goals.

We are heading into the future with a full head of steam and the goal of opening several more offices throughout 

​the region and eventually going coast to coast.

To learn more about more about our movement and the expansion of the company contact us

Company Profile